AFDT Detection Dog Program

 We pride ourselves on producing reliable K9 detection assets to public and private sector entities. Prices may vary dependent on department needs, desired breed of dog, as well as number of odors trained. We use proven training and certification methods identical to those of the U.S. military and other government agencies. Please call us at (502) 356-3059 to discuss training options and pricing. Check out some of the services we offer below.

·   Single Purpose Detection Dog

-    Explosives

-    Narcotics

-    Tracking

-    Patrol

·   Dual Purpose Detection Dog

-      This option combines the ability to detect the target odor as well as controlled

aggression and patrol techniques to include building searches and scouting.


·   Gunfire Training

-      We firmly believe any K9 that accompanies an armed handler should undergo an introduction to gunfire.


·   Handler Training

-      Let us show your handler the safest and most effective ways to integrate the K9 into your operational environment. Subjects covered will vary dependent on needs of the client but will include K9 first aid, principles of conditioning, proficiency training guidelines, and technical search techniques.


·   Quarterly and Annual Certification

-      We strongly recommend regular evaluation of any K9 in any official capacity to be evaluated for proficiency on target odor and tasks. We will evaluate your K9 team and provide necessary feedback.